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New Excerpt of Basilisk: Book Three of the Histories of Purga Novels

Posted on February 6, 2016 at 5:05 PM

Well, work continues on Basilisk, the third installment of my HIstories of Purga novels. This book picks up right where Roc left off, with the two races of Purga battling desperately to survive and save their world. Blak's power has only grown and everything has been thrown into a purpetual state of chaos and unrest. Most of the Rooks have been subverted and the Terras are, unfortuantely, not far behind as the Qarri Forest is taken and the tribe-cities there fall one by one.

I haven't had a lot of time to devote to writing lately, but I do what I can, when I can. I will post some more free excerpts right up until the release.

Here's the second one:

"A war? Against the Rooks? You don't have to worry about that. We can handle them." Niku brushed the matter aside.


[Humanity's flaws will be their undoing,] the Dragon noted. [Ignorance. Greed. Pride. Bigotry. Racism. These are the things Blak has used to gain his foothold in their minds.]


[It is a sad thing to witness,] the Roc agreed.


"Hey! Why don't you two quit acting like I'm ivisible!" Niku shouted, annoyed. "Now why am I really here?"


[To protect your mind,] they said. [Your body is in the physical world under Blak's control. We pulled your mind into this one to keep the demon's infection from spreading. You are the third Niku, son of Cyrus and Gwendolyn D'Avignon Varlamagne. You are meant to protect. To preserve. To serve as a Sentinel to this world we have built for humanity. Fight. Fight as hard as you can. The other two will fight to bring you back as well and together, the three of you can defeat him.]


"Gwendolyn D'Avignon Varlamagne?" Niku asked. His hands clenched into fists and his body went completely rigid. "Varlamagne? Never associate me with that cursed name again. My mother is Gwen of Vitari. She is not a Rook. Do you understand?"


[It is you that does not understand,] the Roc shot back. There was a flash of anger from its eyes and they sparked with white-blue light. [You are the One Born of Both Worlds. You are both Rook and Terraqouis. Fate has brought you into being for this moment. Do not let your idiocy and petty hatreds cloud your judgment.]


"You're lying," Niku replied quietly. Then he looked up and his eyes locked onto the Dragon's. "Liar!"


The Dragon let out an earsplitting roar as the Roc screeched painfully. Both of them were clearly angry. The Dragons eyes glowed red hot as flames danced off its scales. The Roc's eyes were bright with blue light and arcs of lightning were sparking off its body.


[Your world is in peril and still you refuse to see it,] the Roc yelled, angry and infuriated. [He will destroy everything. He will consume everything. And here you are enveloping yourself in your stubborn refusal to accept a simple truth.]


Niku couldn't think. The creatures' words were too much to handle. He was lost in a confusing cloud of emotions.


It couldn't be true. I can't be one of them. They...they are killers. And that Rook. Rone. He's...he' brother? Can't be.


"No!" Niku shouted. "I can't accept that."


[You don't have to like it but you must accept it. You have been fighting this truth, this part of yourself, for so long. I know you've always suspected. I know you've felt your differences with others in your tribe. Embrace them now. Give in to the truth,] the Dragon explained, its voice considerably calmer. It's bright, red and gold eyes stared fixatetly at him, making Niku quickly uncomfortable.


Niku turned away from the pair.


"I can't," he said. "Not after what they did."

More excerpts to come!

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