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NEW Excerpt for Basilisk, Book Three of the Histories Of Purga

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 4:00 PM

I thought that it's been a little past due for another excerpt/sneak peak of Basilisk, the third book of my epic Histories of Purga novels. The world is on the brink of destruction for the people of Purga but they continue to fight Blak and the evil he keeps spreading. The only hope for survival now is for Rone and Keiara to rescue the third Sentinel. Only then can their prophecy be realized.

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“Niku is my brother!” Rone yelled, horrified. He stared at the woman in front of him. He was angry but at the same time he felt happy. The two emotions waged a war inside him.


The woman’s eyes were cast down. Her fair blonde hair wafted in a small breeze. She shifted a bit uncomfortably as she rubbed her hand over a rough, hexagonal-shaped scar about midway up her forearm.


The woman was someone Rone had thought dead for over fourteen years.


She was also his mother.


“First, I find out you’re not dead. Then I find out that you abandoned me to go run off with a Terraqouis you fell in love with and now you tell me that Niku is my half-brother.” He was so mad, he couldn’t think straight. Above all else, he felt betrayed. He felt hurt.


She’d left him and she hadn’t thought twice about it.


“How could you do that to me?” he asked her.


“Rone, maybe you should stop,” Keiara said. She could see the anger etched on his face and was afraid he might do something stupid.


“I never planned on any of that happening,” the woman said.


Keiara knew her well. She had been very close with Niku, after all, before Rone had come into the picture. Her name was Gwen. She’d always seemed a bit odd, but basically harmless. The shocking revelation on her true origin however, left Keiara speechless.


Rone ignored Keiara’s warning. Instead, he took hold of his mother’s arm and dragged her after him. He rushed her through the camp and she let him. Soon after, they came to an empty tent and Rone ushered her inside.


Keiara followed them in.


“I don’t think you understand,” he said immediately. “I thought you were dead! I cried for you. I longed for you. I went to your grave almost every day over the years. Why would you do that to me?”


“I didn’t want to,” she said again. “It was never the plan. I wanted to take you with me.”


“Don’t give me that,” Rone spat.


Gwen flinched and tears sprang up in her eyes.


“I planned on taking you the night I left!” she yelled. “I was going to sneak into your room to get you but your father was there, watching you sleep. I knew that if I tried to take you, he would stop me. I couldn’t…I couldn’t risk it. I had to leave.”


“Why?” Rone asked. “Why was it so important that you leave?”


“Because I loved Cyrus!” she yelled. “I never wanted to marry the King! It was just a way for my family to gain more power. A marriage of convenience. I did the best I could for you. But then I met Niku’s father and everything changed. They’d captured him and tortured him for information. At first, I was wary of him. I’d seen him a handful of times and he always looked like a cornered animal. Ferocious and dangerous.”


Rone glared at her. The hurt of hearing his mother’s confession was almost unbearable.


“Then, one night, I started talking to him. I was curious. Maybe young and foolish too. To my surprise, he actually talked back. He was gentle and nice. He treated me like a real person and not an object to show off at Upper Tier functions. I came back to see him almost every night for three months. Then, one day, I came there and he was lying across the floor, bloody and beaten. I found out later that your father had questioned Cyrus. It was at that moment I knew I couldn’t be with him anymore. I’ve grown up hearing so many stories about the Terraqouis. About how they were savages. That day, I realized who


the real savages were and I wanted no part of it. I made a plan to escape. I was going to free Cyrus, take you, and we were going to run.”


“So when you couldn’t get me, you chose to leave me behind instead?” he asked, outraged.


“I know what I did to you is unforgiveable and I can never tell you enough how sorry I am, but I couldn’t live there anymore. You of all people should understand that,” she said, looking at her son earnestly. “I was in Vitari when you were recovering. I know what you and Keiara were trying to do before all this chaos happened. You were trying to bring peace between the Rooks and the Terraqouis.”


Rone held up a hand, interrupting her.


“Wait. You were there?” he asked. It felt like someone had driven a six inch spike through his heart. “You were in Vitari when I was recovering and you never came to see me?”


Gwen’s throat worked, her words sticking there.


“I could’ve died! And still you didn’t think to check on me? You didn’t think to let me know that you were still alive?”


“I was ashamed,” she explained.


“You damned well should’ve been,” he yelled at her. His next words came out harsh. “Don’t come near me again. Go back to pretending I never existed.”


Ignoring her bout of sobbing, Rone walked out of the tent and away from her.


Hopefully forever, he thought darkly.


“You don’t mean that,” Keiara said, rushing after him.


“Yes I do,” he replied angrily.


“She’s your mother, Rone,” Keiara tried to say as she rushed to follow him.


“No. She was my mother,” he replied. “When she left me behind, she gave up that title.”


Keiara couldn’t think to say anything back. His words were true.


“Are you okay?” she asked instead.


“Better the farther away from her I get,” he told her.


Rone had a rush of confusing thoughts inside his head. So many emotions kept ripping at him. He felt anger toward his mother but a part of him was overjoyed at the fact that she was still alive. A huge part of him was disgusted that Niku was his half-brother, but another part of him was happy to have one. He’d always wanted siblings, but his father never remarried. Now he had one. He wasn’t overly fond of who he’d been stuck with for a brother, but he still had one.


He clenched a fist, irritated at the jumble of thoughts cluttering up his mind.


“The One Born of Both Worlds,” Keiara whispered suddenly.


Rone turned to look at her but her words sank in and he realized what she was talking about.


“Niku. A Rook for a mother and a Terra for a father. He’s half of both races.” He wondered, idly, what that really meant. He wondered if his mother ever really had a choice in the decisions she’d made or if fate had played a bigger role in her life…and in the choices she’d made.


No. She abandoned me, he thought. It doesn’t matter if she never really had a choice in the matter, she still did it. And willingly.


He pushed the rest of those thoughts aside and tried to focus on the bigger picture instead. Wilhelm was getting closer and closer to destroying Purga. He had Niku, the third Sentinel. Somehow, they had to get him back and free him of the control Wilhelm held over him. Then, by some miracle, Niku needed to agree to fight alongside someone that he’d expressed on numerous occasions he despised. Oh, and he also needed to come to terms with the fact that Rone was his brother.


Why can’t things ever be easy? he asked himself.

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