Rustin Petrae's Books

Rustin Petrae 

Author of the Histories of Purga Novels, the Bane Pack Novels, and Co-Creator/Writer for the comic book Hybrid Earth

Created by Rustin Petrae

Artwork, Colors, Story by Fredrick Allison Jr

In December of 2015 the nano-bomb was created, fusing nuclear and nano technology together. The first, and last bomb, was detonated into Earth’s atmosphere. When the irradiated nanomachines came back down, they merged humans with machines.

Hybrid Earth: Bounty Hunters follows Bounty Hunter Elliot James and his team as they work to take down powerful, rogue Hybrids.

Written by Rustin Petrae 

Artwork & Colors by Bernadetta Pastuszka

Sagas of Purga begins with a young Rowan Varlamagne, the newly crowned King of Roanoke as the sudden death of his father at the hands of the Terraqouis begins to overwhelm him. His desire for revenge starts to consume him and his actions begin a cataclysmic series of events that will eventually lead right into the Histories of Purga novels, Dragon and Roc.